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Fri, Nov 29, 2019 10:21 PM

Track-focused V12 Vision Gran Turismo concept revealed from Lamborghini at the GT World Finals.

The Vision Gran Turismo shares the same innards as the Sián, Lamborghinis first hybrid, which mates the Aventador's 12 cylinder block to a supercapacitor. Whats different is on the outside, someones taken to the car and ripped off half the bodywork. It's as much about what isn't there as what is.

It will appear virtually in drivable form in Gran Turismo Sport next year.

If you look closely there are still some identifiable Lamborghini touches, like the Y-shaped headlights and full height hexagonal side windows to aid you in clipping apexes on track.

Lamborghini's design staple, the 'Gandini line' is still here despite the missing panels, and all four corners have been disconnected leaving a sort of floating, fighter jet like stance. Acoording to calculations the entire car would weigh only a measly 819 kg, putting it very close to the holy one-to-one power ratio.

 Above and behind each shoulder floats an enormous split rear wing and the entire front section raises so the driver can slide into the cockpit.

“We were saying, okay, it’s (Gran Turismo) a racing game so let’s do a monoposto,” Mitja Borkert,head of design, explained to Top Gear. “Let’s do a single seater, a race car not just a derivative of something. Puristic, low, extreme proportions.”

Lamborghini wanted the interior to be even more futuristic than the exterior.

The interior gives us a glimpse into what Lamborghini predict to be the cockpit of the future, featuring a Star-Wars-esque holographic display that Lamborghini predicts is a possibilty wtihin ten years. It will even offer context-sensitive tips from one of Lamborghini's factory drivers to help you out when you’re attempting to cut down on your lap times.

“I always call our philosophy ‘feel like a pilot’, so when you are driving a Lamborghini from Huracan to Urus you always need to feel like a pilot,” Borkert told TG. “You need to have control over the car and with our Gran Turismo car we are going in a very consequent direction.”

Borkert reports the project isn’t finished yet, despite the full scale model revealed at the GT World Finals, and refinements will happen before it hits the virtual asphalt in Gran Turismo Sport.

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