Hooper & Co. was a British coachbuilding company based in Westminster London.

Jarvis of Wimbledon

Jarvis & Sons Limited were South London-based motor dealers for Morris and MG, and latterly coachworks providing special bodies for various car chassis until after World War II.

Thomas Harrington

Thomas Harrington & Sons Ltd was a coachbuilder in the county of Sussex from 1897 until 1966, initially at Brighton but from 1930 until the end in a purpose built Art Deco factory (an image of which was used on the builder's transfers) at Old Shoreham Road, Hove.

J Gurney Nutting & Co Limited

J Gurney Nutting & Co Limited was an English firm of bespoke coachbuilders specialising in sporting bodies.

Freestone and Webb

Freestone and Webb were English coachbuilders who made bodies for Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars but also built bodies on other chassis including Alfa Romeo, Packard, and Mercedes-Benz.

Gordon England

Gordon England was a British coachbuilding company based in Putney, South West London and later in the Palace of Industry, Wembley, North London with a showroom at 28 South Molton Street, Mayfair, London W1.


The Cunard Motor & Carriage company was a British vehicle coachbuilder. It was founded in London in 1911 and continued in various forms up to the 1960s.


John Croall & Sons were a Castle Terrace, Edinburgh firm of funeral undertakers and carriage hirers founded in 1850 who expanded their business to include coaches, cabs and coachbuilding.


Corsica Coachworks was a small coachbuilding business founded in 1920 just after World War I. They were builders of true bespoke car bodies employing no in-house designer. They realised clients' designs for them. Almost every Corsica body is unique.


Charlesworth Bodies Limited of Much Park Street, Coventry, owned a coachbuilding business that had been founded in 1907 by three partners: Gray, Hill and Steane.



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