Ferdinand Porsche

Ferdinand Porsche (3 September 1875 – 30 January 1951) was an automotive engineer and founder of the Porsche car company.

Jean Pierre Ploué

Jean-Pierre Ploué is a French car designer, born in 1962, known for bringing the Citroën marque back to strength and restoring its reputation for innovation and strong individualistic styling.

Raul Pires

Raul Pires is the former head of Exterior Design at Bentley Motors in England. 

Sergio Pininfarina

Sergio Pininfarina was born in Turin on September 8, 1926.

Battista Pininfarina

Battista Pininfarina was born in Turin, November 2, 1893.

Andrea Pininfarina

Andrea Pininfarina was born in Turin on 26 June 1957.

Georges Paulin

Georges Paulin was a dentist, part-time automobile designer and hero of the French Resistance during the Second World War. He was born 1902 in a working class section of Paris.

Horacio Pagani

Horacio Pagani (born 10 November 1955) is the Argentine founder of Pagani Automobili S.p.A., an Italian specialty auto-maker.

Robert Opron

Robert Opron (born 22 February 1932) is a French automotive designer, trained as an architect, and noted for designs from the 1960s through the 1980s for Simca, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ligier, Renault – and Citroën, where he became Responsable de Style, head of the design department, in 1962.

Colin Neale

Colin Neale (1926 – August, 2016) was an english car designer who helped shape the looks of the first Lincoln Continental, countless cars by Chrysler, and he was envisioning sporty concept cars right before the first Ford Mustang.



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