by Gauk
Sun, Nov 24, 2019 11:21 PM

Tesla's polarising Cybertruck has 187,000 preorders within 3 days.

The sharp-angled pickup truck, Tesla's sixth vehicle model to date, was announced a few days ago to a rocky launch. It was confirmed it will come in three different flavours, ranging between $39,900, single-moter rear-wheel-drive models with a range of 250 miles to $69,900, tri-motor All-wheel-drive ones with a range of 500 miles.

Musk tweeted that the mid-tier $49,900, dual-motor AWD model with a range of 300 miles is themes popular choice so far. He also mentioned that a Tesla product, even one as polarising as this, will create demand and still sell well with "no advertising and no paid promotion" he tweeted.

Tesla's stock dropped 6.1% after the trucks shaky launch night, which you can watch here...

In 2016 Tesla's Model 3 sedan secured 276,000 preorders within days of it's announcement, but haven't released figures for their Model Y crossover, though it should be safe to assume the Cybertruck has been less popular with customers than both.

The Cybertruck won't arrive for at least another year, with production on the entry-level models beginning in late 2021, with the $69,900 tri-motor model's not until late 2022.

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