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Going to a Used Car Auction? Here Are 3 Tips for UK Bidders

Attending a used car auction in the UK can be very exciting, especially for first-timers. Although a vehicle auction is a great place to find affordably priced transportation, there are some policies, procedures and behaviors you should follow to be sure that you don’t overpay.

Lifting the bonnet on buying a used car at auction

If you’re looking to buy a used car, you’ll be looking to save money by buying one at auction.

How to Buy The Best Cars at Auction PART 3

Car auctions are the best place to find the best cars. From a rare collector vehicle to a daily runaround. Auctions are where to pick up a bargain motor.

How a car auction works

A Motor Auction is an agency, operating between people wishing to sell vehicles and those wishing to purchase vehicles.

How to Avoid Buying a Wreck at a Car Auction

You might have heard from someone who knows someone who met a man who got a great deal at a car auction.

Buying a Car at Auction: Sold as Seen

You don't have the same protection when buying a car at auction as you do when buying goods from a trader.

How Much Money Could Your Car Sell For At Auction?

A lot of people think of auctions as simply being places where you can sell antiques or collectables, but the reality is most items can be sold at auction, including cars.

How to Bid Successfully at a Public Car Auction in the UK

Search cars, vans and vehicles available at auction for UP TO 50% BELOW book value. Keep your bargain or sell on for a quick, juicy profit!

The Online Car Auction – An Exciting and Growing Trend for UK Buyers

If you have Internet access, then you can participate in an online car auction that includes potential buyers not only from the UK but also from around the world. Here’s some general information about online auto auctions, an exciting alternative to being there “live.”